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You can strengthen your security fundamentals.
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Our experienced instructors will guide you through the complex cybersecurity maze to help you build solid fundamentals. We'll help you chart a path from your current capabilities to your stronger future capabilities.

For healthcare providers

You can build security into your clinical workflow in a way that's practical, sustainable, and meaningfully reduces risk across the board. There's a lot you can do to strengthen the security of your clinical assets — without breaking workflow or the bank.

The technical parts of this training program center on proactive, preventive security measures that can be incorporated in to PM cycles and baseline risk reduction. By solidifying fundamentals, attendees will develop the tools to succeed at every kind of security activity, including identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery.

  • Improving security with limited resources
  • Building security into procurement (including vendor assessment!)
  • Bridging gaps between HTM/CE/Biomed and IT
  • Risk assessment and ranking
  • Effective patch management
  • Working with tricky vendors
  • Handling incoming threats
  • What to track, and why
  • Adopting a security framework
  • Compliance and governance
  • “Selling” security to management

This education session is not a sales pitch and will help you succeed even if you're not a BlueFlow™ customer. Contact us now to begin your transformation.

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For manufacturers

For nearly a decade, we've helped leading medical device manufacturers of all sizes build security into their products and organizations.

Our instructors understand medical devices and the medical device industry. According to your needs, we offer materials for different roles, including developer, tester, and executive.

Topics include:

  • The security mindset
  • Threat modeling
  • Learning from the past (pitfalls & gotchas)
  • Building a secure development lifecycle (SDL)
  • Working with security researchers
  • Incident response
  • The regulatory landscape and compliance
  • Software updates and patching
  • Being a “good citizen” on customer networks
  • Hiring for cybersecurity roles

All of our instructors are experienced teachers who know how to make difficult material accessible and inspire your team.

Contact us now for previews and pricing.

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Our Education & Training Philosophy

It's about you, not us. Attendees build strong internal motivation and develop the connective tissue your organization needs in order to succeed at security in a changing world. We use unforgettable exercises that stay with your team long after we leave.

Show, don't tell. Our instructors combine detailed, up-to-date technical material with hands-on and tabletop exercises to inspire and educate your team. To adopt a security mindset, your team sits in the attacker's seat as well as the defender's. We offer high-impact education & training tailored to your organization's specific needs and capabilities, so imagination is optional.

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