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+ Risk Management
+ Action Plans
= Assurance.

Finally assess IT and clinical risk in one place — no more fear of cybersecurity tools.

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Clinical and IT risk assessment are together at last. Trust the security experts who grew up in healthcare and clinical workflow. We designed BlueFlow specifically to provide cognitive support for healthcare delivery organizations. CISOs need sharp tools to prioritize, visualize, and reduce risk.

Get back to delivering healthcare.

BlueFlow prioritizes clinically relevant security issues and helps you fix them without interrupting clinical workflows.

  • Finally eliminate shadow IT by correlating clinical and IT information sources.
  • Get clinical engineering and IT on the same page with a unified view of the asset population.
  • Eliminate uncertainty in network security processes such as vulnerability scanning. Don't risk accidentally knocking devices offline.


Clinical cybersecurity begins with our turnkey BlueFlow software. However, our BlueFlow customers from healthcare delivery organizations and medical device manufacturers are eligible for additional high-end services.

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