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Always-On Security Insights.

Real action starts with visibility. Trust the security experts who grew up in healthcare and clinical workflow. We designed BlueFlow for health delivery organizations and no one else. Period. CISOs need sharp tools to prioritize, visualize, and reduce cyber risk.

Get back to the delivery of healthcare.

  • Know your risk: BlueFlow automatically fingerprints assets to continuously measure the effectiveness of your security risk mitigation controls.
  • Respond quickly to threats: BlueFlow provides “always-on” visibility without disrupting clinical workflow.
  • Triage: Your inbox is full. Get your time back by spotting the highest consequence risks with intelligent, prioritized BlueFlow reports.
  • Integrate: BlueFlow combines safely and quickly with asset management and vulnerability scanners for streamlined workflow.


Contact us to participate in the beta.

X-ray vision into critical devices.

You have critical computing assets that aren't visible to your monitoring tools. What if you could bring those assets out of the shadows — without modifying their hardware or software? PowerGuard™ lets you see what your devices are doing by connecting critical assets to your SIEMs and monitoring tools.

PowerGuard beta

Literally plug-and-play.

Plug your critical asset into PowerGuard™, then plug PowerGuard™ into a standard AC outlet. We'll take it from there. PowerGuard™ constantly analyzes your equipment’s power consumption for unusual behavior, spotting costly problems or breaches quickly — with zero software or hardware changes.

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