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Accurate Inventory
+ Risk Management
+ Action Plans
= Assurance.

Security is a shared responsibility, but existing tools don't bridge the gap between clinical engineering and IT. BlueFlow is a shared resource for CE and IT teams.

Teams using BlueFlow can finally build security workflows that are compatible with clinical workflows — no more shadows, and no more fear of tools.

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Get on the same page.

CE and IT, together at last. BlueFlow provides cognitive support for security workflows in healthcare. Hybrid clinical & IT risk scoring with no mystery means everyone can agree on the same set of priorities.

Get back to delivering healthcare.

Connect BlueFlow to your CMMS and IT tools (such as vulnerability scanners) and let it learn. BlueFlow continuously monitors the asset population so you can focus on what matters.

BlueFlow supports every major CMMS and network scanning product and adds custom modules that are unique to healthcare.


Ask anyone: Our world-renowned experts pioneered medical device security. Our customers at healthcare delivery organizations and medical device manufacturers are eligible for additional high-end services.

  • Security program design
  • Device evaluations
  • Teaching and training
  • ... and more.


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Virta Labs at AAMI 2017: Chief Scientist Kevin Fu gives the Harken Memorial Lecture on Medical Device Security: The First 165 Years
May 2017 Preprint: Cybersecurity and medical devices: A Practical guide for cardiac electrophysiologists

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